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adidas Predator Edge + Review and Test at Soccer Zone USA

adidas Predator Edge + Review and Test at Soccer Zone USA

Last year, adidas debuted the innovative Predator Freak + with its signature 'Demon Skin' rubber nubs covering the front foot for enhanced ball control and grip.

Now, the 2022 replacement... the Predator Edge +

- see the full unboxing and review here and shop now:


The new model pays homage to the 2012 Predator Lethal Zones in design and colorway for a more familiar Predator feel than the Freaks gave us. The soleplate continues a beautiful geometric theme and the laceless technology makes for an easier time getting the shoe on while still being snug to the foot and arguably more comfortable than its 2021 predecessor.

We recommend trying these on for a tight fit especially with the Edge + as laceless boots cannot be tightened. 

Now, we are starting to see the new emerging colorways like Champions League (multicolor purple UCL theme) and Diamond pack (white with blue trim)

The Freak Demon Skin has been subbed out for Zone Skin - instead of nubs, there are rubber ridges across the front-foot that provide a more fluid grip on the ball - they are really perfect for hitting in-swingers!

Not a laceless fan? We have the .1's as well ;)


Do Leather Soccer Cleats Have More Protection?

Do Leather Soccer Cleats Have More Protection?

Believe it or not, you might be like millions of players out there that have cleats with no protection! What does that mean?!

Don't worry, we got you!

Recently, synthetic plastics like 'fly-knit' material used to create faster/lighter boots have come under fire for not offering the player's foot enough "protection"

In the below video, we address this topic and why, in the end, it really doesn't matter that much...

Cleats have innovated tremendously over the years to be lighter, more comfortable, have better lock down, to be more responsive when changing directions, and even to no longer have laces.

One of the main innovations has been synthetic leather and carbon fiber that have allowed designers to make strong shoes that weigh very little while offering specific outsole textures for ball control

Ultimately, this sacrifice of weight and adopting a thinner material means your foot is more sensitive to contact as compared to traditional leather.

This may be an issue you want to consider if

1) Your opponent has metal cleats. In europe, and pro leagues around the world, players may opt for metal studs when playing on soft ground. Getting your foot stepped on or cleated by metal studs will hurt regardless of footwear, but potentially more in synthetic boots. In the United States, youth soccer does not permit such shoes and many adult/pro matches are played on turf anyway

2) You get stepped on all the time? If you're unlucky, unreactive, or just have bad timing - perhaps you get cleated all the time - in that case, wear leather shoes and probably bigger shinguards ;)

3) You're afraid of physical contact If you're worried about getting stepped on, that will be the issue with your game - if it's that concerning, get leather cleats. If you're comfortable with soccer being a real contact sport, you'll tough it out in the shoes you feel you perform best in :)

shop here for new cleats - with or without 'protection' lol

5 Secret Tips to Improve Your Soccer Juggling with a Pro Freestyler

5 Secret Tips to Improve Your Soccer Juggling with a Pro Freestyler

Juggling has forever been a staple for players who look to improve their overall touch and ball control while training solo.

You don't need to be a master at juggling to play soccer, but it does help with balance, coordination, and aerial skill on the ball.

Watch this video to learn the basic steps to juggle with the feet, thighs, headers, and even shoulders. Then learn a few tricks and secret tips from pro freestyler, DJ Diveny:

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Are Replica Soccer Jerseys Fake?

uefa champions league soccer jerseys 2021

We get this question a lot...

But why would someone think sports retailers are selling fake apparel? Wouldn't that be illegal and go against copyright by the teams or something??

People often misunderstand the word 'replica' to mean 'fake'. However this is not true!

Replica means that the jersey is a more comfortable, relaxed fit jersey that is more suited for wearing casually and as a fan watching the game. Our replica jerseys are the fully licensed jerseys by the actual teams/leagues!

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